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Which outlet would you choose?
Published on May 21, 2008 By Mighty Maid In Life Journals

Ok this blog will actually have to do with a situation that came up at work today.

You as a guest walk into your room which has a table with two chairs, an entertainment center which has 3 dresser drawers the tv and a microwave and refrigerator on it. A wardrobe(closet) and two queens beds with a night stand between them.

You wish to plug in your laptop computer. There is an outlet right by the table and two chairs or the outlet which is behind the nightstand that has the alarm clock plugged into it. You will also have to pull out the night stand to plug in your laptop. Which do you choose?

Well this particular guest today plugged his in behind the night stand and has his laptop laying on the unused bed with the case and a pillow laying on top of it. He had his plastic laundry tote on the table taking up half of the room on it. 

The maintainance man spent all of two weeks putting in those new outlets right by the tables and chairs just for that purpose. So people would not have to unplug the clocks or lay in the bed to work on their computers and charge them up. But alas maybe he needed to charge it and he wanted to lay in bed to use his computer.

I don't know it just kinda annoyed me because of all the work the maintainance man did. Sometimes the little things do that to me. lol   

on May 21, 2008

I would use whatever outlet worked best for me, since I was a paying guest at the hotel. 

on May 21, 2008
Some folks like to stretch out on the bed while using their computer. That's the advantage of a laptop, you're not limited to sitting in a chair to use it.
on May 24, 2008
And reemmber, often a hotel guest (if it is an overnight stay) is tired, and does not see all the offerings, they fixate on one area and only see that part.

Staying at my moms, I was looking for an outlet for my laptop. I found one within reach of the counter (barely) and used that. She asked why I did not use the one on the other side of the counter that was at the top of the counter - duh! Cause I was not familiar with the house.
on Jun 11, 2008
Thanks for your replys. I guess being a paying guest, portable laptops and unfamiliar surroundings are good examples for the choices you would have made. Like I said I guess that was just a bit of a rant for the day.    Again thanks for your imput.
on Jun 13, 2008
the tv and a microwave and refrigerator on it.

I gotta stay in better hotels.

on Jun 13, 2008
I agree with xtine.

I'm paying for the room, and I will use whichever outlet I want. The effort a maintenance put into installing other outlets (work he was compensated for) really doesn't matter. It wasn't a personal request or favor for the guests.

We recently spent over a month in a hotel and I often used the outlet behind the nightstand so I could use my laptop in bed. When I left I would typically unplug my laptop and stow it away (partly to avoid fire hazard and overheating of my laptop and partly to avoid tempting any housekeepers with potentially sticky fingers).

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